Your home looked hip and trendy, once upon a time!  Of course, that time was “1977”.  Now, you may find yourself looking around and thinking things just look a little dated.

Trends come and go, and if you stick with one trend too long, it will really make your home look like a relic from the past.  Here are a few things you may still have lingering in your home – and how to bring them up to date.

Wallpaper Borders

In the ’80s and ’90s, wallpaper borders were all the rage – going around the perimeter of the room.  Sometimes it was at the top, and sometimes it was a big stripe right through the center of the wall!  Wallpaper itself is making a comeback, and there are a great many patterns to choose from.  Wallpaper borders, however, look very old-fashioned.  Either paper the whole wall, or just stick with paint.

Particular Paint Colors

The reason you’ll find so many homes for sale painted white is that it’s a timeless color – it’s always been, at the very least, acceptable.  Each decade brings with it trends of more splashy colors, and while those look great at the time, they do become dated if left unchanged.  Peach, mauve and hunter green, to name just three, aren’t really used in home painting anymore.  Tasteful neutral colors stand the test of time better, and let you have more freedom when adjusting your style.

Old Paint

Sometimes, it’s not just the color or trend of your paint job that makes it look dated; it might be the paint itself!  Over time, paint tends to start looking drab and dingy, even with proper cleaning and maintenance.  It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for your walls, making them stand out and look strong and clean once again.

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