You may think that all you need to do to get an accurate painting estimate is know the square footage of the space to be painted – so why do you need an estimate?

In reality, every space is unique, and your painting estimate is more than just a simple calculation of square footage.  When you get a home painting estimate from the experts at Premier Painters, you’re getting the expertise needed to give you an accurate and thorough estimate.

Different walls will require different coats of paint.  Are there imperfections to paint over?  Damage that needs to be repaired prior to painting?  Will it need two or three coats to make sure your chosen color stays true?  These are all questions that can be best answered by having someone actually look at your walls – your walls are unique, and your situation is unique as well.  Finding out these specific details will help make your estimate accurate and fairly priced.

With extensive experience in painting properties of various magnitudes, we know the importance of offering an estimate for our work. We are happy to provide you with a free quote that will help us to work efficiently within your budget. We want to exceed your expectations, which is why organizing each project from the first step is so integral to our process. Preparation is our key to ensuring we are ready to hit the ground running before we even step foot on your property.

An estimate is the first step to making sure your painting job is done right.  Don’t trust someone who just gives you a number over the phone without checking out your situation first.  Trust someone who will go the extra mile and make sure that all variables are taken into account.  Trust Premier Painters with all of your painting needs.