Premier Painters is proud to offer the entire range of Dulux colors for all of our customers here in Mississauga and Oakville.

Dulux is one of the world’s leading paint brands, featuring an entire range of products and services designed to help you find long-lasting, beautiful color that will brighten up your home for years to come.  With more than 1,200 colors and shades available, Dulux has a paint to match any project you undertake.

Dulux’s range of decorative paints enriches people lives.  It brings visual delight and lasting care to any surroundings.  It’s one of the most commonly selected paint brands, chosen time and time again due to it’s high level of performance and long-lasting color.

Dulux’s interior paint is exceptionally tough, durable and washable.  It’s Lifemaster brand is a premium quality, 100 percent acrylic zero VOC paint — fully LEED compliant and living up to all environmentally friendly standards.  It features EZ Clean Technology as well, which prevents oily stains like crayons, lipstick, pen markings and grease from penetrating the surface.  That makes Dulux interior paint easy to clean and easy to live with.

Dulux’s Weatherguard brand is specially formulated to provide excellent weather resistance as an exterior paint — a must have in Ontario’s tough winter conditions.  It forms a breathable film on your home, allowing moisture vapor to pass through but preventing liquid water from penetrating.  That helps prevent blistering or peeling, keeping your home looking like new for years.

Dulux also offers a wide range of wood stains for floors and decks, letting the natural beauty of your wood shine through while helping protect it from the harsh elements.  Combine the high quality of their interior paint, their exterior paint and their stains, and it’s easy to see why Dulux has been one of Canada’s leading paint manufacturers for years.

Premier Painters is proud to offer the full range of Dulux paints for all of our customers.  No matter what your project calls for, we have a paint that fits your needs.  Contact us today to set up a quote and consultation, and see what we can do for you.

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    We were so impressed and pleased with how the interior painting turned out; we’ve now scheduled Premier Painters to paint the exterior of our home. I’m looking forward to the chance to work with you once again and I’m completely confident that the experience will be every bit as pleasurable as before.

    Simona & Arye, Toronto, ON