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How Often Should You Paint the Exterior Of Your House?

Most of us know how often we should do basic chores and maintenance.  You replace your smoke detector batteries once a year.  You change air filters every month.  You wash your sheets once a week.  But when it comes to less frequent chores, things get a little trickier.  How often, for example, should you paint [...]

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4 Questions to Help You Choose the Right Quality Paint

Picking the right paint is key to making sure your paint job lasts the test of time.  It can be a difficult decision at times, though – with a wide variety of paint types and qualities available, finding the right paint can feel like a herculean task.  Here are some questions you can ask to [...]

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The Importance of High-Quality Paint

It's tempting, when faced with a tight budget, to look for the most economical paint option available.  For most of us that means picking the cheapest paint and calling it a day.  This is not, however, always the best choice! Higher-quality paint will, in almost every case, be longer lasting than cheaper options.  It's smooth, [...]

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