A splash of color can turn a drab yard into an exciting one!  It can make your yard somewhere you want to spend time in, and boost your curb appeal if you’re planning on selling anytime soon.  Here are some tips on how to add a splash of color to spruce up your yard.

Accent Wall

An accent wall – or even an accent fence – adds an extra layer of interest to any space, adding some oomph or pizzazz to an otherwise drab landscape.  Exterior walls are a great choice to go with a bold color you wouldn’t consider indoors, because all the natural light tends to soften the overall look of your color.  It works really well in the backyard —  you might not want, say, a bright blue or orange wall butting out onto the street, but a wall, section of wall or fence in a bright color in the backyard can draw the eye and add visual interest.

Outdoor Furniture

Furniture’s another great place to add color – colorful cushions or frames can add that same sort of spike of eye-catching color to any yard.  You can also paint any furniture you have now exciting colors, and add pops of color here and there with outdoor pillows and things of that nature.  Even better, furniture’s easy to move and replace, so you’re not locking yourself into one particular color idea.

Plants and Flowers

The most natural way to add color, of course, is with a garden.  Colorful plants and flowers, especially when grown in colorful pots, can be easily moved and located around your yard to add splashes of color and interest.  Obviously, it’s more high-maintenance than simply painting a wall or chair, but if you have a green thumb, it’s a worthwhile thing to do.

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