While we’ve all been told not to judge a book by its cover, that goes out the window when it comes to homes.  Potential homebuyers or renters often judge a home by its curb appeal, as do friends and neighbors.

Landscaping or renovating your yard and the front of your home can be expensive and time consuming.  However, there are ways to improve your curb appeal just by adding a new coat of paint in key areas.  Here are a few target ideas:

Front Door

It’s small, it’s simple, and it has a major impact.  Front doors are often centrally located and draw the eye in – and they’re often the most scuffed and worn bits of the front of your home, as they are being used constantly.  That makes it a prime choice for a quick boost in curb appeal – go for a subtle stain to provide a veneer of class, or a bright contrasting accent color to draw attention and make your home stand out among the crowd.

Garage Door

The garage door is another logical place to add a splash of color or style when updating your home’s curb appeal.  This can be something as complicated as replacing the doors with something a bit more architecturally interesting – carriage-style doors are very popular! – but often, picking an exciting accent color or giving it a classy, glossy stained finish is enough to make your house a little less plain and a little more interesting.

Front Porch

You want your front porch to be a welcoming place – and faded or peeling paint doesn’t really inspire those feelings.  This is somewhere you want a fresh, clean look, so a bright white can make your home seem warmer and more inviting.

For all your painting needs, contact Premier Painters!  We’ll give your home the curb appeal it needs to help it stand out from the crowd.