You’ve picked your color.  You’ve even picked the proper finish.  You’re ready to paint, right?  Well, not so fast – there’s still one key decision you need to make.

As paint has gotten more advanced, so has your range of choices in the quality of paint.  Higher quality paints are more durable and stain resistant, and can survive wear and tear.  Does that mean you should always pick the most expensive paint?  No, actually – not all rooms require the same paint; different qualities are better in different situations.  Less expensive paints are great if you’re painting a large number of walls, or are planning on doing quite a bit of touch-up or repainting over time – there’s a reason landlords often use less expensive paints, and it isn’t just to cut corners.

Think of it this way: if you’re painting a high-traffic, highly visible area, you should go with a higher quality paint.  It will provide a better look and finish, be easier to cleanup, and generally be better for your needs.  If, on the other hand, you’re painting a garage interior or somewhere more off the beaten track, a lower-quality paint can often meet all your needs.  Just as your wardrobe has room for both a fancy black dress and a pair of sweatpants, so too does your home have room for both high-quality and budget paints.

You’ll also see some adjectives at the top of the line – premium, super premium and ultra premium.  What’s the difference?  Quality and price, of course.

Super or ultra premium paints are usually paint and primer in one can, while ordinary premium really should be applied over a primer coat.  Super and ultra also repel stains better than ordinary premium does, and are mildew-resistant as well.

So, what’s the difference between super and ultra?  Generally, it’s in color retention and the degree to which they repel stains – ultra premium paints are the luxury model, in other words.  The more traffic a room gets and the more cleaning a room will have to go through, the higher quality paint you should use.

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