Properly painted trim is the perfect finishing touch to make your painting job look clean and classy – sloppily painted trim makes your home look messy, unkempt and generally undesirable.

So how do you ensure a perfect paint job on your trim?  There are several easy steps you can do to ensure your trim looks as good as it possibly can.

You want to start with a clean trim.  Dust or dirt will stick in the paint and create an uneven, unfinished look.  For that matter, you should sand it, as well – that will ensure a smooth, clean painting surface.  120-grit sandpaper is usually enough to remove the shine and make it smooth, though rougher trim may require more elbow grease.  You’re looking for a flat surface, so if there are holes or cracks, that’s no good.  You’ll want to spackle any imperfections, and then sand the spackle down so it matches the rest of the surface.

Now that the trim itself is ready, use painter’s tape to block the trim off away from the walls – you wouldn’t want paint getting on to anything it’s not supposed to!  Then, you’re ready to prime and paint.  Painting trim can be a little tricky – you want short, horizontal strokes to get most of the trim covered, followed by one long, smooth stroke to smooth out the paint.  An angled brush is better than a flat brush, here.  You’ll want to remove the painter’s tape before the paint dries, as well.

Of course, the absolute best way to get your trim painted is to call the experts at Premier Painters!  We’ll make sure your home painting, including trim, gets the much-needed professional touch.  You can count on Premier Painters to give you an ideal painting job the first time, every time.  Call us today, and we’ll be more than happy to give you a consultation to help you get your home looking fresh, new and revitalized!