The exterior of your house is like the face of your home, and the paint colour you choose has the ability to make it stand out, blend in or make people cringe. Selecting the right colour for exterior painting is a lot more complicated than picking up a paint chip, especially when you can’t say for sure if the colour will look the same on your walls as it does on the store’s small paint swatch.

So what is the best way to avoid regret with the colour you choose? Well, you have a few options. Hiring a commercial painting contractor is a great way to tap into the specialized knowledge and resources of expert painters with years of experience in perfecting home exteriors. But if you don’t have the budget to hire a professional, here are our top tips for taking the anxiety out of choosing the right colour for your house.


Being mindful of your neighborhood’s style and how your home’s exterior fits in with the overall appearance is more important than you might think. When it comes to the value of a community, how the street looks as a whole plays a sizable role in defining its worth. So choosing a colour that compliments your neighboring houses is a good start. Remember, you can always test your creative flare inside your home where it’s easier and cheaper to change colour themes on a regular basis.


If you want to change the outward appearance of your home without the labour and cost involved in exterior painting, try sprucing up your place with new trim colours. Updating the trim on your home is a great way to give it a fresh look with minimal effort. Whether you have an eye for contrasting colours or prefer a more neutral tone, take a look at these ten popular trim colours suggestions by designer Brian Patrick Flynn. Like anything else, choose colours that compliment each other. Whether you are painting your walls or your shutters and window frames, make sure your choices work well with the rest of your home’s exterior.


Natural light can play a big role in altering the colour you choose for your home. The best test for any painting job is to apply a trial patch on the walls you plan to paint, so that you can see how the hues change during different times of day. Daylight has the ability to wash colours out, so selecting colours that are a few shades darker than your ideal choice is a good solution. Exterior painting can be difficult without the right products, so choosing a good quality paint is equally as important as choosing the right colour. Take a look at the brand our professionals stand behind on our Colour section, or call us with any questions about our home painting services.