Picking the right paint is key to making sure your paint job lasts the test of time.  It can be a difficult decision at times, though – with a wide variety of paint types and qualities available, finding the right paint can feel like a herculean task.  Here are some questions you can ask to help narrow down your selection, and ensure you get the right paint for your job.

How much activity will be in the room?

Busy rooms can quickly see their walls soiled thanks to the high amounts of traffic.  That means those walls will need to be cleaned more frequently than quieter rooms.  Higher-activity rooms require more washable and stain-resistant paints.  With that in mind, we recommend high gloss or semi-gloss for busy rooms, leaving flats and other less glossy finishes for less active rooms.

How often do you paint?

If you’re the kind of person who likes to repaint frequently to get different looks and feels in a room, then you can use nearly any type of paint without worrying – if it starts to fade, you can always paint over it.  If home painting is a chore, however, go with a top-quality acrylic latex indoor paint.  It will last longer and continue to look good over time.

Do you mind “paint smell?”

If you’re going to have to spend time in a room as its being painted, you’ll have to decide how much of that fresh paint smell you can tolerate.  If it’s a significant issue, water-based latex paints generally have less odor than oil-based alternatives.

How much time do you have?

To get the best quality home painting job, we recommend separate primer and paint coats.  However, sometimes time is of the essence.  In that case – especially if you’re replacing a light color with a darker one – an all-in-one “paint and primer” will save you time.  It’s not suitable for all projects, but when time is your most important factor, it can be a lifesaver.