When designing a new paint scheme for your home, there’s one crucial question you need to answer: should you go for one primary interior color, or many?

The excitement of choosing new colors for your home can often overwhelm you, and cause you to go overboard with color selection.  Many people enter the home painting and decoration world thinking that each room should have its own color scheme and its own unique feel.  This isn’t a bad idea, in theory – having each room feel different keeps you house feeling vibrant and alive.  Going too far overboard, however, can make your home feel wild and disorganized – a patchwork of colors with little relation to one another.  While that wild, vibrant style is exciting to look at for a while, remember that you’ll be living with this paint job for quite some time, and what was new and unique one day might become garish and tiresome the next.

On the other hand, repeating the same color, room after room, can often feel boring.  Especially if this is your first home, and you’ve been in rentals where the rule of thumb was white, white and more white, the idea of sticking to just one color can inspire dread.   You want your home to have personality, and sticking with the same color over and over again can feel like it’s draining your home of that personality.

So, what to do?  Do you go with the quilt of many colors look, or do you pick a reliable color and stick with it throughout the home?

In our experience, maintaining a consistent palette of neutral tones is the way to go, and use the rest of your home to provide the variety.  Different lighting effects can provide different feels without going overboard on the painting colors, and gives you greater flexibility when decorating.  If your house is painted in a large variety of colors, a piece of furniture that works well in one room might clash terribly in another room.  Sticking with a consistent color scheme can give you more options and flexibility when choosing accents and furniture.

That doesn’t mean you need to stick with just one color for the entire house, however.  Continuity is important, but you can use different accent colors to help give rooms different feelings – and, for accents, you can bust out those bold colors you’ve been reluctant to use elsewhere.    You can use different shades – go up and down a paint chip and use the whole range, giving you a spectrum of related colors to work with.  There are options, even if you choose a more monochromatic base, to give your home needed splashes of color.

Of course, you can’t go wrong by working with the experts at Premier Painters!  We’ll help you make the perfect color choices for your home, and work with you to make your home something you’ll absolutely love living in.