Wallpaper and paint do not have to be mutually exclusive.  When done properly, the two can work together in your home – great combinations can create a truly unique look!  As long as you make sure the wallpaper and paint match, they combination of the two can be better than either alone.

Here are some tips from Premier Painters on how to get the most out of wallpaper and paint.


One great idea in your bedroom is to use wallpaper as an accent wall.  That can create a unique design that stands out from the rest of the solid-color painted walls.  Choosing the right pattern and colors are important, but if done properly, it can accentuate the main pieces of furniture in the room, drawing the eye.

Living Rooms

Many living rooms have chair mouldings or other wall trim.  If your room has them, one idea is to use them as a natural dividing line on your wall, putting wallpaper above the line and paint below it, to create a layered effect.  Another possibility, and an often overlooked one, is to paint the ceiling and use wallpaper on the walls.  This turns the ceiling into an important part of your aesthetic vision while also accentuating your choice of wallpaper.

General Tips

It’s important for you to select your wallpaper and paint together and to make sure that they play up each other’s strengths.  You don’t want an overly-strong paint color which is going to dominate the room and overpower your wallpaper.

If you’re not sure how to select paint and paper that go together, you can count on the experts at Premier Painters.   Whether you’re looking to paint around existing wallpaper or picking new paper to liven up an old room, our experts can help you pick the perfect shades to give your room the finest end result.